“A GOOD coach can change a GAME. A GREAT coach can change a LIFE.”
– John Wooden

Anthony Chambers
Founder & Head Performance Coach

As founder of AC Elite Sports, Anthony Chambers Jr. brings a Nike certification, as well as a specialized certification in the MORR system to the AC Elite Sports program. He is a former NFL, AFL, and collegiate athlete, able to offer his expertise from both a playing and coaching perspective.

Growing up in Liberty Texas, Anthony excelled in sports; being recognized as an All-State Quarterback for the Liberty Panthers. Chambers received an NCAA full scholarship to Purdue University, where he played football and completed his degree. Anthony has found much success in building a program that guides, encourages, and mentors hundreds of athletes.

With a passion for fitness, the community, and his faith, Anthony Chambers Jr. truly trains from his heart.

Justin Aldridge
Performance Coach

A Texas native of Pasadena, Justin attended J. Frank Dobie High School where he performed as an All-District Honors football athlete. He then attended the University of Texas at Austin to play Wide Receiver and continued on as a Grad Assistant at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Aldridge also shares his time with Liberty High School as a teacher and prior coach.

Aside from his wealth of information in the fitness industry, he conducts himself with incredible amount of integrity and honesty. The importance of ethics, and values, are a way of life for Justin, and he continually strives to lift those around him.

Carl Cormier
Nutritionist & Master Trainer

Carl Cormier is an AMFPT certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and master trainer. His passion comes from a long battle against obesity. In the span of 9 months, Carl lost over 100lbs and has kept them off for over 17 years.

In High School, Carl excelled in sports and competed in the Texas State Championship as a powerlifter. He was also All-District in football and track and field. Cormier competed in baseball and basketball before attending the University of Texas at El Paso on a full scholarship where he also was a member of their football team.

Carl Cormier has worked as a program director for a national fitness chain, where he has quickly become one of the top trainers in the nation. He specializes in nutrition, weight loss, health, and fitness.